Home Sweet Home

All in all, we had a blast on tour!  Even the long bus rides proved to be a great bonding experience!  (Especially when we played Disney movies and Musicals!!) We hope to go on tour again next year and hopefully in a few years we will be able to achieve our dream of touring in Europe!  Keep an eye out for videos of a few of our performances and if you want to see some more pictures check out our Facebook page (they’ll be up soon!) 


And as always, we have winter and spring concerts and would love to see you there!  Don’t worry, Facebook and Twitter will let you know when those are!  Thank you so much for keeping up with us on tour, we greatly appreciate the support from home!!!

Love, the Women of WCE



Pitt > Notre Dame

Our final stop on our whirlwind Memorial weekend tour was Notre Dame.  We were originally going to perform there, but it being Memorial Day, that didn’t work out!  So instead we took a tour, and having a few Pitt Pathfinders on the tours comparing Notre Dame’s stats to Pitt’s made for some great laughs.  No offense to Notre Dame, but we’re all very glad we picked Pitt!! Hail to Pitt!!!  Just to give you an idea of some of things we learned at Notre Dame… 

1) They claimed that the Dome (pictured below) is the most recognized college building in the United States… you can see what Mental Floss has to say about that!



2) Their dining hall looks like Hogwarts…

3) They have 57 chapels and no co-ed dorms.

4) They’re basilica is gorgeous — but we’d rather get married in Heinz Chapel!


The Dome — although it is covered in 23karat gold, that’s pretty neat! 

PS. Notre Dame was gorgeous, and we don’t mean any disrespect! It was a wonderful tour and we did learn a lot, we just have so much Pitt Pride we couldn’t help ourselves!!


Ferris Wheels & High Speed Swings

After that long bus ride yesterday I was too tired to write all the posts… so sorry for the delay! 🙂

After all that fun at Tommy Gun’s we were convinced nothing else could be that awesome… we were wrong!  Many of us road the ferris wheel for a stellar view of downtown Chicago!  Even if the ride itself wasn’t super exhilarating.. at one point we weren’t even sure if we were moving!  But it was a great way to say goodbye to everyone’s new favorite city!  After that we ran to the swings and although it was cold and a few of us were in dresses, it was still a blast!  Then we took the typical Navy Pier pictures (a few of which are below) before heading back to the hotel one last time.  




The Roaring 20s

After our exciting performances we headed to the city one last time.  We ate at a restaurant called Tommy Gun’s Garage and we weren’t really sure what to expect.  First of all, it was in an abandoned looking neighborhood, further south than the usual restaurants.  And on top of that our WCE president was escorted off the bus by a man named Vito … apparently their was a password involved… we’re not really sure what transpired but we were allowed in!  Inside was decorated like a 1920s speakeasy and all the  waitresses were dressed as flappers and the waiters dressed as mobsters with guns!  After we finished dinner the show began!  They took us back in time to the roaring 20s during Prohibition!  To get into the spirit many of us bought gangster hats and flapper headbands and we looked great!!  We were raided by the police and a few audience members were called up on stage to perform a ‘sobriety test.’  As audience members we also had to pretend we were at a Revival meeting instead of a speakeasy drinking “hooch” (alcohol)!  The mobsters shot off their guns, the flappers did a few dance numbers and we even saw some magic tricks!  All in all it was a great time!  As we were leaving we serenaded Mr. Muscles with one our favorite songs!! 



Singing with the Serbs

We began our morning at Grace Methodist Church in Naperville. We had the honor of witnessing a baptism as well as a heartfelt, uplifting sermon. After the first service a young girl approached our director Lorraine To buy a CD!! Unfortunately we don’t have any to offer… but maybe in a few years!!! And to make it even better, we met a little old man who received his masters in education from Pitt in 1955!! How about that for a small world? Hail to Pitt!!

After the second service we trekked out to Lansing, IL for the Serbian Singing Federation 72nd Annual Choir Festival. We were the only non-Serbian group present and it was such a privilege to sing in their language and be so immersed into their culture in the middle of the United States! We were invited to perform in the first place because our lovely director Lorraine is Serbian herself! 🙂 And although the Serbian was tough to master, we were rewarded with a standing ovation and many compliments on our wonderful diction and the example we set for all the daughters in attendance! We hope they will think of us again next year when planning the festival!



What did the mommy tomato say to the baby tomato?

To end our long day of exploring Chicago we headed to Second City! It is a large comedy club in Old Town that boasts a knee slapping good time. We are pretty sure we saw the next big comedians as Second City alumni include people such as Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Stephen Colbert, Bill Murray, Colin Mochrie, Steve Carell, Jack McBrayer and many others! Not only did we laugh, but we learned a lot about the Panama Canal, President Roosevelt, cat videos, the creator of Toms shoes & that you can actually trust dating websites! 🙂

Impressionists, Post-Modernists and Mies-ians, oh my!

This morning we braved the unseasonable cold for the architecture boat cruise! It was a great way to see the city, but no one was properly dressed to sit in the cold Chicago wind for the full hour and a half tour. Did you know that all the bridges in Chicago are draw bridges? Or that it is mandated by Chicago law that if you build on river front property you must also build a public river walk? Well you do now!

After the tour we split up for lunch before heading to the Art Institute of Chicago!! There are over 260,000 pieces in the AIC collection and in our short time we didn’t even come close to seeing 1/6 of that! We explored the impressionist gallery, stopped by “American Gothic,” saw the miniature rooms and paper weight collections and the modern wing! It was quite a whirlwind tour!

Before dinner we took the obligatory trip to the bean to take reflective selfies! We ate our fill of delicious italian food & desserts at Frankie’s! We even got the honor of signing a plate, which is reserved for celebrities and special occasions!! Sorry Glee Club, but we couldn’t find your plate on the wall….